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Integrative Endodontics: 2021 Virtual Course Series

Course Series and Dates

Jan 23rd: Module 1
Feb 27th: Module 2
Mar 20th: Module 3
April 24th: Module 4
May 15th: Module 5
June 26th: Module 6
July 17th: Module 7
Aug 21st: Module 8
Sept 18th: Module 9
Oct 23rd: Module 10
Nov 13th: Module 11
Dec 18th: Module 12
Each course will be available on-demand for one month after its release

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Dr. Valerie Kanter is a Board Certified Endodontist, professor at the UCLA, and a practicing Integrative and Regenerative Endodontist in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry with her D.M.D. and M.S. degree and later became a Naturopath through the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Kanter lectures internationally on the subject of laser in endodontics and is the US Educator for Fotona PHAST Start training.


This series will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the incorporating a new paradigm of patient care into your practice, through Integrative Endodontics and precision based dentistry. Each month we will discuss a new topic, engaging with an incredible line up of guest speakers who are experts in their field. You will have optional interactive components which will help you retain and apply all the information learned throughout the series, and receive CE credits each step of the way. After completing the course, you will have a one-on one wrap up session with Dr Val to review any covered topic of your choice. You will also receive a certificate of completion of the Virtual Integrative Endodontics Course, and your name and office location will be posted on our site as a certified providers so that we can refer new patients seeking the best Endodontic care.


Module 1: Introduction To Integrative Endodontics

We will cover:

  • Overview of Integrative Endodontics and precision based dental practices
  • Biochemical and bio-energetic analysis tools used to gain insight on the status of the patient terrain
  • Nutrition and supplementation that support a healing journey
  • Equipment, procedures, and materials that will be covered throughout the series

Module 2: Functional Dentistry

We will cover:

  • An introduction to the functional medicine approach, and how it applies to dentistry
  • Recognizing the local and systemic influence of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Infection from the oral cavity
  • Guidance for Safe Dentistry Practice and Oral Hygiene for Optimal Health

Module 3: Healing Through Compassion

We will cover:

  • How compassion plays a role in the healing journey, both for ourselves and our patients
  • How the parasympathetic system is essential for healing
  • How to create a ZEN experience for all your patients

Module 4: Occlusion, Pulp Neurophysiology & The Importance of Tooth Vitality

We will cover:

  • Occlusion and the teeth as sensory organs
  • Perfecting occlusion to prevent chronic dental trauma, hyperemia and pulpal death
  • Minimizing operative preparation to limit damage to the dentin-pulp complex

Module 5: Laser Dentistry: The New Paradigm

We will cover

  • Laser Physics - the basics
  • Protocols/procedures for use of lasers in operative dentistry
  • Protocols/procedures for the use of lasers in endodontics
  • Protocols/procedures for the use of lasers in periodontics/oral surgery

Module 6: Endodontic Diagnosis: Tools, Techniques & Treatment Planning

You will learn:

  • How to review CBCT/radiographic images and apply your findings
  • The role of the microscope in endodontic treatment and diagnosis
  • A step-by-step guide to endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning
  • When to treat & when to refer

Module 7: Pain Management & Frequencies That MEND

You will learn about:

  • Pain pathways
  • Odontogenic vs. non-odontogenic pain
  • Frequency specific microcurrent and its ability to reduce pain and inflammation in the body
  • How to incorporate frequency specific microcurrent into your dental practice

Module 8: Regenerative Endodontics & Platelet Rich Fibrin

You will learn:

  • The biological principles of Regenerative Endodontics & PRF
  • When and how to use the Fotona Lightwalker Laser and PRF for Regenerative Endodontic treatments
  • Treatment indications and step by step guides for Vital Pulp Therapies (indirect & direct pulp caps, pulpotomy procedures, and revascularization, including EndOzlase)

Module 9: Access & Instrumentation

You will learn:

  • Access tips and tricks to locate canals and preserve tooth structure
  • Minimally invasive shaping instruments
  • Step-by step guide to shape canals

Module 10: Light & Sound Endodontics: Advanced Irrigation with SWEEPS & Gentlewave

We will cover:

  • The importance of advanced irrigation in endodontics
  • How to improve clinical success in Endodontics by maximizing the efficacy of PIPS/SWEEPS in your hands
  • How the Gentlewave procedure is changing the way we practice endodontics

Module 11: Biomaterials in Endodontics

We will cover:

  • Biomaterials available in Endodontics; when & how to use them
  • New and improved obturation techniques
  • Biological effects of biomaterials in the pulp and periapical tissues

Module 12: Integrative Therapies

We will cover:

  • Ozone therapy in dentistry
  • Stem cells, Peptides and Exosomes
  • Connecting it all - the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Environmental & Spiritual