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Dr. Val wants to share her knowledge about biological dental care and endodontics with you! Want to know more about how her office treats deep infections without overusing antibiotics? Or what it actually takes to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings from your mouth without contaminating precious water supplies? The field of regenerative endodontics and biological dentistry is advancing fast, and Dr. Val is one of the trailblazers. Join the conversation by asking her a question here, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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Recent Questions

Q: How effective are homeopathic remedies in reducing pain and inflammation?

The homeopathic remedies used by Dr. Kanter are natural anti-inflammatory agents that are effective and better tolerated than traditional NSAIDs. They have shown to significantly reduce swelling and lower pain levels. While much is still to be discovered in the dental applications of these homeopathic agents, they have the ability to target the exact inflammatory mechanisms that lead to nerve degeneration in teeth. In combination with other holistic modalities, these remedies are becoming more popular in holistic dentistry.

Here is a scientific article on what can be used to naturally decrease inflammation.

Can laser treatment change the color of my gums?

Yes. Laser treatment is effective at lightening gum tissue. Some individuals have more melanin than others, causing a dark appearance in the gingival tissue around their teeth. Laser treatment can lighten these areas, as well as areas stained by amalgam fillings.