Frequently Asked Questions

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We are located at 1418 7th Street, Suite 102-A in Santa Monica.

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Paid parking is available in a garage located directly behind the building. We do not validate parking. Metered street parking is available on Glendon Avenue. One-hour street parking is available on Malcolm Avenue.


We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Yes. The Integrative Endodontics™️ method focuses on patient education and the overall patient experience defined by:

  • Preservation of the natural teeth
  • A holistic approach to oral/systemic health
  • Biomimetic dentistry
  • Use of lasers

As a natural alternative to root canal treatments in certain cases, we use biologically based techniques and materials to stimulate the tooth’s healing process.

Learn more about our wholistic approach.

No. We do not offer general dentistry such as cleanings. We are an endodontics specialty practice. Learn more about what we do here.

Yes. We practice Laser Endodontics to cleanse and activate natural healing via safe, photoacoustic, non-thermal laser energy. Learn more about our Laser Endodontics procedures here. 

Yes. Utilizing multisonic irrigation, also known as Sonendo’s GentleWave® Procedure, we gently and effectively clear the root canal system – and help save your tooth. Learn more about our multisonic irrigation procedures here.

Yes. While you are in the dental chair or recovering at home, we recommend the MEND device’s supportive frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) technology. Available by request. Learn more and request a MEND device here. 

Yes. We treat deep cavities. In a comfortable setting, our doctors examine your teeth and recommend the healthiest, least-invasive treatment possible. Once a typical cavity, which is a spot where there is tooth decay, has progressed to a deeper level of the tooth, you may need an advanced integrative approach to preserve tooth vitality. Depending on the patient and a variety of factors, our doctors will recommend the best treatment for your unique scenario. Learn more about how we treat cavities here. 

Yes. With complete focus, deep experience, and microscopic accuracy, our integrative doctors treat root canals. Learn more about our root canal treatment here. 

Yes.Our doctors are specially trained to diagnose and save a cracked tooth, so you can take action sooner than later and enjoy peace of mind. Learn more about how we treat cracked teeth here. 

In most cases, we will refer you to a periodontist if you need a tooth extracted.

No. After treatment, we may place a temporary crown. This will remain in place for a short amount of time until you can have a permanent crown put in place by a prosthodontist.