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What We Treat

Our Los Angeles endodontists are experts at saving teeth. With years of specialized training above and beyond dental school, our root canal specialists are board-certified and experienced at diagnosing and healing tooth pain as well as performing procedures relating to the inside of your teeth.

We define the success of treatments and procedures not just in terms of the teeth and mouth but of the whole body.

We’re here at our Santa Monica endodontics office to assist you on your health journey by solving oral health concerns with a holistic approach. Every patient is an active participant in their care, empowered and working side-by-side with the doctors to achieve optimal health.

Integrative Endodontics™️

A precision-based methodology created by holistic endodontist Dr. Valerie Kanter.

The Integrative Endodontics™️ method is a holistic dentistry approach that focuses on patient education and the overall patient experience defined by:

  • Preservation of the natural teeth
  • A holistic approach to oral/systemic health
  • Biomimetic dentistry
  • Use of lasers
Angel D.

I will only ever have dental work done here in the future. They have the most high-tech equipment, use methods and materials that are actually good for your teeth and health, and I have full confidence in the team.

Dr. Uzi Kamal, DDS

Dr. Val is one of the best educators I have ever met! Her knowledge and passion for teaching are by far superior to most of my previous courses in the endodontic and holistic world.

Kathi B.
Kathi B.

The best! Deserves a million stars.

Donna E.

In Dr. Kanter’s capable, kind and gifted hands I feel safe and that I am getting the best care possible.

Lauren S., MD

If I could give more stars I would. What an amazing place. So professional, efficient, upbeat, kind, compassionate, and way ahead of anyone else in the field.

Teddy W.
Teddy W.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs one of the best endodontists who isn’t just trying to get you for your money but genuinely wants to save your tooth & avoid doing a root canal at all costs.

Claudia W.

Hands down the best truly holistic specialized dental practice one can get in LA… I feel safe and know I’ll get the best possible treatment when I am on that chair in Dr. Kanter’s office.

Don B.

I was literally so relaxed and pain-free during the procedure that I actually dozed off a couple of times.

Amy S.

Root canals can be stressful, but Dr. Kanter proved they don’t need to be. She was thorough in her explanation of what was going on in my mouth, recommended the treatment, and we got through it very easily.


Guiding you to optimal health.

Whether you live nearby or far away, you are welcome at our practice. Our patients choose our Los Angeles endodontics team for a balanced approach to root canal treatments, retreatments, regeneration, and more.
Intake & Consultation
When you reach out, we send an intake form and schedule your in-office consultation. We understand the prevalence of dental trauma and are here for you every step of the way.
Next, you receive a list of supplements from your doctor, conveniently sent to your inbox. To gain a full picture of your health, we may recommend bloodwork.
As we walk you through the steps of your treatment, we take time to answer any questions you have along the way. Our doctors work with the utmost care and expertise, using the safest, most advanced technology.
Ongoing Holistic Care
Holistic – or as we like to say, wholistic – care is central to our practice. We provide integrative services, such as nutritional guidance, to nurture your overall wellness.


Continue your dental education with Integrative Endodontics.

Designed for certified dental practitioners looking to begin – or develop – their endodontic knowledge and skills, our year-long online course teaches you a balanced approach and provides CE credits.

Topics taught by Dr. Valerie Kanter:

Endodontics in action, including diagnosis, access, instrumentation, advanced irrigation, and root canal obturation.
The Integrative Endodontics approach, as well as the nutrients, supplements, and pain-management technology we use to support a healing journey.
Regenerative techniques, such as vital pulp therapy (VPT).
Laser treatments, from SWEEPS® techniques to photobiomodulation (PBM therapy).


Integrative Endodontics