Emergency Dental

Receive urgent dental care from our compassionate team of experts.

When a tooth is dislodged or another oral trauma occurs, getting prompt medical attention is key to healing. We understand the stressful circumstances of these types of injuries, and we are here to explain what is needed thoroughly – yet also act swiftly. Learn about traumatic dental injuries.

A unique aspect of Integrative Endodontics is our range of holistic options, especially for pain management. Our board-certified endodontists join allopathic expertise and any necessary prescriptions for acute traumas with gentle-yet-effective naturopathic methods.

Please reach out to us, and we will do our best to schedule your emergency dentist appointment in a time frame that works for your situation.

Send us a message or call (424) 341-3028 for emergency dental care in Los Angeles.

Emergency Dental Care


01. Can you take on new patients for emergencies?

Yes, we do. We always do our best to accommodate the patient’s needs and see them within an appropriate amount of time. Naturally, we wish to meet you under better circumstances, yet we are understanding of the range of scenarios that prompt our patients to schedule an appointment.

Please reach out to our friendly staff to check whether we are able to book you for an emergency dental appointment.

02. What is considered a dental emergency?

When defining a “dental emergency,” we turn to the American Dental Association (ADA) standards. In their words, dental emergencies are “potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding [or to] alleviate severe pain or infection.”

In simple terms, an emergency is any trauma to the teeth that exposes the nerve. You would see the pink and/or red soft tissue, which may become visible if the tooth was chipped severely or broken off. This exposes the nerve to the outside environment, so both time and bacterial exposure are critical factors when trying to preserve the damaged nerve. Protecting and saving the nerve is key to keeping the tooth alive after this type of injury.

Many traumatic injuries require prompt attention, and patients should be aware of possible concussions that occurred in conjunction with the dental injury. When patients arrive at the Integrative Endodontics office, our doctors always check patients with a quick CNS (central nervous system) evaluation.

Other situations, such as a filling falling out or damaged crown, might be manageable for a day or two before seeing a dentist. Every scenario is unique, so reach out to your dentist or contact Integrative Endodontics for guidance.

03. To handle a knocked-out tooth until we see a dentist, what should we do?

Please visit our page and its FAQs regarding traumatic dental injuries, where you can learn what steps to take in the meantime.

04. Are you a 24-hour emergency dentist?

No, unfortunately we are not. Though at times we can make special scheduling arrangements outside of usual office hours, unfortunately we can not guarantee availability or take walk-in clients.

Please reach out to our friendly staff to see if we can accommodate your needs, including an emergency dental appointment.