MEND™ Frequency Specific Microcurrent

While you are in the dental chair or recovering at home, we recommend the MEND device’s supportive frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) technology. Available by request.

A new era of pain management and enhanced wellness is introduced through microcurrent therapy, an FDA-registered technology. We believe it is a supportive innovation, and we offer it to our patients during and after treatment.

Our device of choice is the MEND brand, which provides frequency specific microcurrent protocols customized to support each individual. This form of bioenergetic medicine sends sub-sensory signals into the body that naturally resonate with our cells and provides information to reduce pain and inflammation.

You can request to purchase a MEND device through Integrative Endodontics.

Whether you are a doctor looking to integrate FSM technology into your office, or you are a patient interested in home use, request one today – just fill out the inquiry form below.

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Our Signature Integrative Services

At Integrative Endodontics, our patients enjoy a wide range of optional services that promote healing – from the inside out. This includes access to microcurrent treatment, along with many other supportive modalities.

Anchored in our “wholistic” approach, we see health challenges as opportunities for growth, and as steps on the road to optimal wellness.