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Doctor Resources


Continuing Education for Dentists.

Discover our free resource library (coming soon), which includes knowledge rooted in biological dentistry, advanced endodontic technology, and whole-body wellness for your patients. Our programs include dental continuing education online, in-person seminars, and one-on-one or small-group instruction. Each step is made approachable and easy to incorporate into your practice.
Dr. Nicole Vane, DDS
Dr. Nicole Vane, DDS

She has a wealth of knowledge. She has continually inspired me to stay on top of my game, and I highly encourage you to seek her out if you’re interested in bringing more endo in-house, into your practice – high-quality endo, that is!

Dr. Uzi Kamal, DDS
Dr. Uzi Kamal, DDS

In addition to being quite straightforward and simple due to Dr. Val’s amazing teaching skills, I’ve found the treatments to be quite successful.

Dr. Giselle Bachelor–Sleuth, DDS

I loved Dr. Val’s course. Her research is so new and fresh, and the cutting-edge technology is fabulous. Her attention to whole-patient wellness is wonderful.

Dr. Mulpy, DDS

Great update on endo too, but also on a root canal protocol that’s safe, a lot more effective, and much better for patients.

Dr. Marvin Pantangco, DDS

Time went by so fast. I would definitely take more courses from her, because she is a genuinely good teacher and genuinely wants to do what’s best.

Dr. Elisa Reed, DDS

I have a newfound excitement for endo, and I’m a general dentist… I feel more confident in being able to provide a great service to my patients.


Expanding integrative & biological dentistry into endodontics.

ComprEndo Academy (founded by Dr. Val) provides education with a focus on comprehensive, holistic, and integrative endodontics. If you are a dental practitioner, you are invited to register for our endodontic continuing education for general dentists and specialists. Through our programs, you can enhance personalized patient care and treatment outcomes. We offer:

Virtual Year-Long Course

Gain a deeper understanding of endodontics with an integrative and wholistic approach. Our 12-part course covers theory, techniques, technology, and step-by-step guides to assist your patients to optimal health.
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In-Person Seminars

Learn foundational and advanced protocols and procedures for various endodontic technologies. Each seminar has a pointed focus on a particular method or approach, and many include hands-on training.

One-on-One Instruction

In your office or one of ours, Dr. Valerie Kanter will provide private instruction catered to your individual needs. As the most hands-on training from ComprEndo Academy, you benefit from in-depth coaching to hone your technique.

Small-Group Instruction

Observe patient treatments step by step. In this clinical session, you will also receive personalized coaching. Treatments include vital pulp therapy and laser irrigation. Limit 4 attendees.


From nutrition to dental innovations.

See the oral-to-whole-body health connection.


Tools for optimal health.

Enjoy our selection of carefully curated dental and wellness products.


Better 3D imaging.

Enjoy the convenience of expert radiologists on-demand. Use our referral code – Integrative Endo – for a special discount.