Endodontics with a “wholistic” approach.

Because your whole body matters. Your health – today and into the future – is our priority.

To care for your oral and overall health, we offer a branch of integrative dentistry, specializing in root canal treatments (aka endodontics). We call this approach integrative endodontics.

Joining allopathy and naturopathy, we provide the most advanced technology, biological dentistry techniques, and regenerative treatments – all in one office.

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Our Guiding Light

The Integrative Endodontics mission is to bring compassion to the science of dentistry – and the specialty of endodontics – and create the optimal conditions for health in each patient’s whole body. We work to help every patient regenerate their vitality, feel calm and comfortable, and enjoy long-term wellness.


As doctors on the forefront of a new paradigm and an office of lifelong learners, we select the safest, most advanced technology to serve our patients better – and help them reach their health goals.


Uniting allopathic and naturopathic practices, we approach natural dentistry in a unique way. We also promote whole-body balance in our patients through our host of integrative services.


To assist our patients in overcoming past traumas or everyday worries regarding dentistry, we patiently listen, explain our process as much as the patient would like, and offer resources to encourage a calm experience.


We seek to help patients fully reexperience life, empowering not only their oral health choices, but also through our wholistic approach, which aims to remove blockages in the emotional, mental, and spiritual terrains.

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Whether treating an everyday endodontic issue or solving a complex challenge, our practitioners’ expertise shines. Their deep knowledge, experience, and dedication are clear to patients and fellow doctors alike.
Dr. Valerie Kanter
Dr. Megan Rustad