Integrative Services

A well-rounded selection of testing, therapies, and guidance to support your long-term health.

Our integrative services go beyond caring solely for oral health and extend to overall health. We do this because we understand that every part of the body is connected, and to address the cause of ailments fully — and not simply the symptoms — we must take the entire body into account. By combining the latest technology and techniques with a holistic approach, we are able to provide safer, more mindful treatments to achieve greater whole-body balance and long-term wellness.

Integrative Services


01. Why does Integrative Endodontics offer these services?

We seek to serve our patients with integrative treatments – and complementary services – that are as natural as possible and utilize advanced technology. As we treat each patient, we approach their situation with compassion, acceptance, and an innovative approach. Learn about our team and our “wholistic” approach →

02. How do I know which services to use?

Our attentive staff and doctors are here to guide you. We provide thorough consultations and testing to understand which integrative services could be best for you, as well as listening carefully to what you share with us.

03. How much does each service cost?

The cost depends on the service – certain ones are included for free with your treatment, while others are offered as a separate cost. Please reach out to our office with any questions, though most answers are apparent after an initial consultation.

04. What other related services do your practitioners provide?

If you are interested in beauty protocols like SmoothLase™, our Founder, Dr. Valerie Kanter, also coordinates and offers esthetic services through our affiliate practice, CARE Esthetics Los Angeles, at the same convenient location as Integrative Endodontics.