Endodontics in Los Angeles, serving patients nearby and across the nation.

Whether you live in our LA neighborhood of Westwood or far away, we are here to help you with root canal treatment, retreatment, and more. Dr. Valerie Kanter occasionally treats patients in Sarasota, Florida.

All of our services are performed with a holistic (“wholistic”) approach, and we offer special integrative services to enhance your healing process.

Our doctors and staff look forward to creating the optimal conditions for your whole-body health.

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With the power of light & sound.

To ensure the eradication of harmful bacteria during your root canal procedure, our doctors harness the power of light and sound (through the Fotona LightWalker® and GentleWave®). Learn more on our Laser Endodontics and Multisonic Irrigation pages.

John M.

If you’re here because you need a root canal and you’re looking for the best endodontist (as I was last week), stop looking because you’ve found her. Dr Megan Rustad is patient, personable, explains everything and tells you each step that she is about to do so you know exactly what to expect.  Best of all, Dr Rustad exudes a calm competence that is incredibly reassuring, so reassuring that although this was my first root canal and I was quite apprehensive, I actually fell asleep for several minutes while Megan was at work deep inside my jawbone.  That’s how easy the whole process is under the care of Dr Rustad.

Claudia W.

Hands down the best truly holistic specialized dental practice one can get in LA.

Fariba Y.

Another tooth saved thanks to Dr Valerie Kanter . She is professional , kind , compassionate & knowledgeable . Beautiful sanitized office and friendly helpful staff . Dr Kanter takes time with each patient to answer questions and educate patients on the procedure . I am so fortunate to be one of her patients . Highly recommended !

Madison L.

Dr. Rustad is AMAZING. She thoroughly reviews your chart, medical history, and scans before even touching your mouth to better understand the holistic picture. And then she carefully explains every outcome and provides pros and cons for each option. The front staff is also great and the office smells and looks great. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Mare S.
I’d heard about this laser light treatment as a less invasive restoration of dental cavities. I was hopeful that it could save my tooth from needing extraction which was what the previous two dentists told me. Dr Rustad acknowledged the vitamins I was taking and I immediately knew I was in the right place. The treatment itself was relatively quick and nearly pain-free, augmented with a nice warm weighted blanket and headphones to send me into a state of relaxation. She was very thorough in showing me before during and after images of my tooth with laser to clean out the cavity. I hardly felt any discomfort and afterwards my tooth feels just perfect. No sensitivity whatsoever. I believe we have saved this tooth and a lot of money and agony had I chosen the alternatives other dentists were offering. Especially appreciated that they gave me a natural herbal formula as an antibiotic as I have had negative reactions to standard antibiotics.
M. Sauer

Dr. Kanter is welcoming, thorough and leading the industry in protocols for root canals and takes a cautious but confident approach. No one loves dental work and I have had a lot-some old, some new, some done well and sadly, some not. I now know I’m in good hands. Makes the time, investment and discomfort so much better. Educate yourselves and you’ll want this office in your go-to list of resources!

Lindsay B.
Lindsay B.

I’m so thankful for this incredible practice and Dr. Megan Rustad was simply so wonderful.

Noah M.

There aren’t enough words for the treatment and care I got in Dr. Rustad’s office. From A-Z, it was a 5-star experience despite the emergency last-minute nature of my visit.

Katie O.
Katie O.

Dr. Rustad is amazing! She is so kind and gentle and alleviated all my fears when I went in to get my root canal done. Highly recommend.