Endodontics in Los Angeles, serving patients nearby and across the nation.

Whether you live in our LA neighborhood of Westwood or far away, we are here to help you with root canal treatment, retreatment, and more. Dr. Valerie Kanter occasionally treats patients in Sarasota, Florida.

All of our services are performed with a holistic (“wholistic”) approach, and we offer special integrative services to enhance your healing process.

Our doctors and staff look forward to creating the optimal conditions for your whole-body health.

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With the power of light & sound.

To ensure the eradication of harmful bacteria during your root canal procedure, our doctors harness the power of light and sound (through the Fotona LightWalker® and GentleWave®). Learn more on our Laser Endodontics and Multisonic Irrigation pages.

Lindsay B.
Lindsay B.

I’m so thankful for this incredible practice and Dr. Megan Rustad was simply so wonderful.

Noah M.

There aren’t enough words for the treatment and care I got in Dr. Rustad’s office. From A-Z, it was a 5-star experience despite the emergency last-minute nature of my visit.

Katie O.
Katie O.

Dr. Rustad is amazing! She is so kind and gentle and alleviated all my fears when I went in to get my root canal done. Highly recommend.

Johnny G.
Johnny G.

She’s just so caring and personable, I really can’t say enough good things about her.

Casey D.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, very kind & patient and I highly recommend her to anyone! She has the most state-of-the-art equipment, pristine office, and friendliest staff ever! She is simply the best!

Dr. Uzi Kamal, DDS

She is very committed to her path and I don’t think I will ever come across another person like Dr. Val in my lifetime. All my expectations were well exceeded!

Joshua M.
Joshua M.

Dr. Val Kanter is an amazing person, which follows through into her dentistry… I no longer have sensitivity to hot or cold, when before I could barely chew on that side of my mouth without terrible pain.

Rita S.

Dr. Kanter is AMAZING. I’ve had root canals done by other Dr’s but nothing compares to how I felt in Dr. Kanter’s chair.

Jacqueline C.

I would leave 10 stars if I could. Dr. Kanter and the whole experience of retreating my three root canals was stellar.